The creator and owner of this website is Daniel Ohlsson. A student in Vehicle engineering/Applied mathematics with a master in Mechatronics at KTH, Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden. As a child dismantled everything he got his hands on in the purpose to understand how it worked. Have a interest in motorcycle’s, prototype manufacturing, home automation and lighting.


So why this site?
It’s made in the purpose to publish and share projects. A portfolio showing the projects made by me and in the long run a way of getting in contact to acquire more information about the projects or report interest in my knowledge and expertise.


Both old and current articles and projects will be uploaded as time goes. The goal is to as regularly as possible upload old projects and upload current projects as they are progressing. Sometimes multiple projects are underway at the same time and at other times there might be a while between projects so new articles might be written quite sporadically.